High Temperature Anti-Seize Compound           


Product Description


Anti-Seize Grease is a unique multi-purpose anti-seize compound designed to provide protection against corrosion and metal-to-metal contact in a wide range of automotive, marine, industrial, workshop and domestic applications, particularly where very high temperatures are encountered. It is effective up to      800 oC due to the high Copper content.

Indpro Anti-Seize Grease formulation consists of a high temperature clay thickener together with Copper and Graphite anti-seize powders which impart exceptional high temperature anti-seize properties. It also contains performance enhancing additives to protect against water washout, oxidation and corrosion.

The state-of-the-art equipment and procedures employed to manufacture Indpro Anti-Seize Grease impart to this compound a high degree of mechanical and storage stability. It will not breakdown under high mechanical stress. In storage it will not alter consistency or release oil.



Anti-Seize Grease is recommended as an anti-seize compound or lubricant in various applications where such a product is beneficial for example, very high temperatures, high pressures or where corrosion or sealing present problems. Due to the inertness of the clay thickener it can often be employed in harsh acid and alkaline environments.

Some specific applications for Indpro Anti-Seize Grease include

  • Thread coating/lubricant for industrial ovens, furnaces and boilers

  • Gasket coating for automotive, marine and industrial cylinders, manifolds and exhaust systems

  • Anti-seize grease for tool and drilling operations

  • Lubricant and corrosion preventative for acidic, alkaline or saline operating conditions

  • Anti-seize compound for feed and adjusting screws, linkages and drive chains on earth moving and agricultural equipment

  • Domestic/handyman uses such as screws, nuts & bolts, hinges plus car & motorcycle parts



  • Protection against seizure due to temperature and corrosion

  • Variety of anti-seize applications

  • Excellent mechanical stability

  • Excellent resistance to water washout

  • Effective in harsh acid, alkaline and salt conditions

  • Outstanding storage stability

Health, Safety & Environmental

This product is classified as non-hazardous. No special precautions are required if employed and handled in accordance to normal practice for this type of product. Good personal hygiene is recommended when handling this product. After any spills or personal contact, the skin area should be washed with soap and water. Clothing should be laundered. Additional health, safety and environmental information is available in the Material Safety Data Sheet which can be obtained by contacting VELOIL CORPORATION.


Typical Characteristic


NLGI Grade                                                                                          2                                

Product Code                                                                                      9050502

Soap/Thickener type                                                                        Clay                               

Colour                                                                                                   Copper                             

Worked Penetration                                                                          280                             

Drop Point, oC                                                                                    > 288                                   

Oil Viscosity cSt, 40 oC                                                                      460                                  

4-Ball Wear Weld Load, Kg                                                               620


Due to continual product research and development, the information contained herein is subject to formulation changes without notice.