Product Description


SUPER MOLYTAC LITHPLEX 2 is a superior multi-purpose molybdenum disulphide containing grease possessing excellent lubrication characteristics for a wide range of anti-friction and plain bearings, ball joints, king pins, gears and couplings in automotive, marine, agricultural and industrial application.  The "Moly" with extreme pressure and anti-wear properties plus the tackiness adhesive additive enables high performance SUPER MOLYTAC LITHPLEX 2 to give extended service life under high loading and shock loading conditions from low temperature to very high temperature environments.  These special characteristics of shear stability; combined with the inclusion of effective rust, oxidation and corrosion inhibitors, ensure it is the preferred recommendation for extended life anti-friction bearings.




FUNCTIONAL MULTI-PURPOSE grease for LOW and HIGH temperatures. Its extra ability to prevent scuffing and reduce wear under high load and shock load conditions, together with its excellent resistance to shear and high temperature operation, makes it preferred over other multi-purpose greases.


SEALED FOR LIFE BEARINGS have assured long service life due to the exceptional oxidation, rust and corrosion resistance of SUPER MOLYTAC LITHPLEX 2.  With extended service, it maintains its original consistency.  It will not thicken since it resists oxidation.  It will not thin out, as it is shear resistant.


WATER RESISTANCE.  Where water contaminating influences cannot be avoided, even at elevated temperatures, effective lubrication is maintained because of its excellent resistance to water wash out.


COMPATIBILITY.  It is compatible with most greases except those gelled with bentone and aluminium complex thickeners.


It resists "SQUEEZE OUT" from surfaces requiring lubrication under load conditions. 



The recommended temperature range is from -20 oC to 175 oC, however it may be used intermittently up to 200oC.



SUPER MOLYTAC LITHPLEX 2 is the prime extended life recommendation for plain, ball and roller bearings, and other applications requiring grease lubrication; in all automotive, agricultural, marine and industrial equipment.  Excellent recommendation for chassis, universal joints and especially for ball joints.


TYPICAL TESTS                                                     ASTM METHOD                                                            

NLGI                                                                       -                                2

Soap Type                                                             -                                Lithium Complex

Colour                                                                   -                                 Grey, Black        

Molybdenum Disulphide, % Mass                    -                                2

Penetration, Worked at 25oC -

After 60 strokes                                                   D.217                       265/290

Dropping Point, oC                                             D.2265                     260+

Leakage, Wheel Bearing 65g -

Packed, 163oC, g                                                D.1263                     1.5

Water Washout at 80oC, %                               D.1264                     3.5

Wheel Bearing Leakage, g                                 D.1263                     3              

Oxidation Stability -

Pressure Drop at 100 Hour, kPa                      D.942                       15

                        at 500 Hour, kPa                        D.942                        70

Rust Prevention Rating                                     D.1743                      Pass  

Timken, OK Load, Kg                                         D.2509                      28

4-Ball Weld, Kg/f                                                D.2596                      550

4-Ball Wear Scar, mm                                       D.2266                      0.42

Ball Joint Test, Brine Sensitivity                      D.3428                       Pass

                         Torque Stability                        D.3428                       Pass

Base Oil, cSt at    40oC                                     D.445                         220


Product Code:                    60787


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