Premium Open Gear Lubricant

Product Description


Vel-lith OGL is a premium lithium soap thickened Open Gear grease formulated with advanced extreme pressure (EP) and anti-wear (AW) additive technology. It contains specially selected polymers to provide extra adhesive strength and water resistance in the harshest climatic conditions found in  mining and other industries.

Vel-lith OGL is a special grease developed primarily for Open Gear type equipment but also suitable for wire rope and other similar mining and industrial applications. In addition to its EP and anti-wear characteristics it also provides a high level of oxidation, rust and water washout protection. Vel-lith OGL has demonstrated outstanding performance with regard corrosion protection, low temperature pumpability and high temperature service.  Most importantly, Vel-lith OGL possesses special adhesive components to resist throw-off and maintain a tenacious lubricant coverage to protect gear teeth and other metal parts.

The state-of-the-art equipment and procedures employed to manufacture Vel-lith OGL provide it with a high degree of mechanical and storage stability. It will not breakdown under high mechanical stress. In storage it will not alter consistency or release oil.



Vel-lith OGL is particularly recommended for use on open gearing found in the mining industry. Some examples are kilns, grinding mills, draglines and shovels. It also functions as a mutli-purpose mining  lubricant and suitable for various wire rope and other applications where contamination with dirt and water are a concern.

The recommended operating temperature range is from      –20 oC to 140 oC. Vel-lith OGL can endure higher temperatures for short periods or if the lubrication frequency is increased.



  • Forms tenacious film to reduced wear under high or shock loads

  • Excellent resistance to water washout

  • Minimum fling-off

  • Excellent  mechanical stability

  • Superior protection against rust and corrosion

  • Readily pumpable in centralised systems

  • Outstanding storage stability

  • Lead, Chlorine, Nitrite & Aromatic Extract free

Health, Safety & Environmental

This product is classified as non-hazardous. No special precautions are required if employed and handled in accordance to normal practice for this type of product. Good personal hygiene is recommended when handling this product. After any spills or personal contact, the skin area should be washed with soap and water. Clothing should be laundered. Additional health, safety and environmental information is available in the Material Safety Data Sheet which can be obtained by contacting VELOIL CORPORATION.

Typical Characteristic

VEL-LITH OGL        

NLGI Grade                                                                                                   0.5         

Soap/Thickener type                                                                                 Lithium

Colour                                                                                                          Black

Worked Penetration                                                                                  345          

Drop Point, oC                                                                                            195

Oil Viscosity cSt, 40 oC                                                                              1800

4-Ball Weld, kg                                                                                            620

4-Ball Wear Scar, mm                                                                                0.45

ASTM Rust Test                                                                                           Pass

Water Spray-off, wt%                                                                                 60             

Due to continual product research and development, the information contained herein is subject to formulation changes without notice.