GWL Grease

Product Description

SUPER MOLYTAC LITHPLEX 2 is a superior multi-purpose molybdenum disulphide containing grease possessing excellent lubrication characteristics for a wide range of anti-friction and plain bearings, ball joints, king pins, gears and more

Product Description


Vel-plex Mine Grease is a premium quality lithium complex Heavy Duty grease containing 3% Moly. It is a high temperature, extreme pressure (EP) grease designed to meet the demands of the most severe mining, industrial and automotive applications and more

Product Description

Anti-Seize Grease is a unique multi-purpose anti-seize compound designed to provide protection against corrosion and metal-to-metal contact in a wide range of automotive, marine, industrial, workshop and domestic applications, particularly...... read more

Product Description


RustGard WD Light, Medium, Heavy Series consist of three distinctly different water displacing rust preventatives designed to cover a wide range of applications found in automotive, marine and general more

Product Description

Lith-plex RGM-2 is a special grease designed to provide protection against corrosion and metal to metal contact in diamond tip drill rods employed in rock drilling applications, particularly where high temperatures and high loads are more

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